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Our amazing team is what makes Me&B possible!



Head of Design

The B from Me&B, Betina is half of the dynamic duo behind the brand. She's always on-the-go and always bringing the vibes to the team. Passionate about creating garments that bring the team joy!


Head of Brand

The Me from Me&B, Kels is our head of brand. Passionate about creating a space where all feel heard and seen, and more importantly where everyone can have a jol! Kelly is also the first and last on the dance floor.


Head of Production

Ren has been a fundamental player in the Me&B team for over ten years, before the brand was a brand! She's our go-to problem solver and all around fun time!


Head of Finance

The Finance Bro of the office and fan of the standing desk, Max is making sure we don't spend all our money on grande lattes!


Marketing Manager

 Full time marketing manager, part-time vibe booster. Cait is always looking on the bright side, and can be found in front of the camera or styling a shoot!


Retail Manager

Jodes is our retail manager and life of the party! She's easily Me&B's number one fan and is ultra passionate about ensuring that customers feel the same way. When she's not managing her staff, she's making sure the vibes are always on!


Retail Planner

Obsessed with order, AJ brings a calm to the chaos that is a consistent feature at Me&B HQ! When she's not planning the next season of Me&B, you can find her on the yoga mat or walking her dog Taco!


Warehouse Manager

Saafs is the queen of the warehouse! Whether she's barcoding, cutting or managing the warehouse - she is one busy lady.


Trims Buyer

With years of experience in the industry and a passion for all sweet treats, Shireez is not only our trims buyer but also the office sweetheart!


Pattern Maker

Jana has never met a pocket she didn't like! Our star pattern maker and all round babe, Jana ensures the fit and flow of every Me&B garment.



Naseeba is quiet but when you get to know her, you'll understand why we've given her the nickname Naughty Naseeba! Along with Max, she's in charge of the financial side of Me&B!


Online & Customer Service

Your go-to girl when it comes to all things online! Lauren is our customer service officer and all round babe, she's passionate about systems, our customers and her cat!


Garment Technologist

Nellie is an integral part of ensuring that every garment is up to the Me&B standard! She's got the voice of an angel and is the queen of sass!


Quality Control

When she's not on the road ensuring the quality of all our garments at the factories, she's bringing her sunshine vibes into the office.



Office Cleaner

Lovingly referred to as Gogo in the office, she is the backbone of Me&B HQ and ensures that we're all on our best behaviour!


Head Cutter

Rezaan, commonly known as Naani, is our cutter extraordinaire! He's got a passion for fashion and a laugh that echoes through the office all day long, the ultimate vibe.



Pattern Maker/Seamstress

She does it all! Phoebe is constantly bouncing between the pattern table and the sample room, bringing her enthusiasm to the team!


Our fire-cracker, party-starter! Essie has been a key player in the sample room, both ensuring top notch garments come out and that good vibes go in!



You know her, you love her!  When she's not helping our customers with alterations, she's belting out her favourite tunes, karaoke style!



With an attention to quality and the finer details and the willingness to dance at all times, she's fit right into the Me&B team!



Bella is one of our newest additions to the sample room but she's already made herself right at home! Passionate about quality and good tunes on the radio, she's a guaranteed good time!



Jen does it all - from our part time cutter, to our full time steamer and occasional model. She's our wonderwoman in the sample room!


Online Warehouse Assistant

A pro on the basketball court AND in the online warehouse! He is king of stock takes and ensures that all your parcels are packed and ready to go!


Influencer Coordinator

A new addition to the team, Nix is our content queen! She's our go-to girl for all our influencer relations.