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How To Wear Jumpsuit In Different Ways

Versatile, chic, and head-turning, ladies' jumpsuits are the ultimate style statement. But let's face it, as effortless as they appear, these beauties can be somewhat tricky to pull off. Not sure how to wear one? Here’s your quintessential guide to rocking that jumpsuit.

Fit is the first commandment

A well-fitted jumpsuit is your fast-track ticket to looking effortlessly polished. It should never be too baggy nor suffocatingly tight. Make sure the piece you pick complements your body shape and height for a truly tailored look.

Cinch it to win it

Most ladies' jumpsuits come with a sash or belt, making it easier to accentuate your waist and give your ensemble that hourglass allure. If not, a well-placed belt can make all the difference. Not only does this create a more feminine silhouette, but it also adds an extra dash of style.

Bring on the blazer

A tailored blazer over your jumpsuit? That's a yes! A structured jacket adds layers and texture, giving your outfit an extra dose of chic. If you're a bit self-conscious about your upper body, a blazer can be your comfort blanket without compromising style. Think tonal or contrasting shades to create visual interest.

Elevate with heels

High heels and ladies' jumpsuits are a match made in sartorial heaven. While you might opt for flats for beach jaunts or casual outings, heels bring that je ne sais quoi to your overall look. They elongate your legs and add a dash of sophistication. But a word of caution—let's skip the chunky heels, especially if you’re rocking a jumpsuit with flowy fabric. Sleek stilettos or kitten heels are the way to go.

Where to shop the look

Ready to dive into the world of ladies' jumpsuits? Your style sanctuary awaits you at Me&B. Our curated collection includes jumpsuits in various styles, shades, and patterns—something for everyone.

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