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Local brand sustainability

Sustainability: our what, why and how



While we put self love and empowerment at the forefront of our brand, we’re also passionate about ensuring that our clothes are not only kind to our customers but also to our planet.


"Sustainable fashion refers to clothing that is designed, manufactured, distributed, and used in ways that are environmentally friendly."

- Faye Lessler

Local Love:

    We keep as much of our design/production/manufacturing process local. This means that our clothes aren’t traveling long distances as they are made right here in Cape Town. Having fewer steps (and locations) in our supply chain means more transparency - good for the environment and even better for our local communities!


        All Me&B garments are sent out in completely compostable bags to ensure your Me&B goodies aren’t harming the planet. Compostable bags like ours are made from various renewable plant-based materials and break down in home compost within 180 days.

        How to correctly dispose of your Me&B mailer bags:

        1. If there is one thing better than a compostable mailer, it’s a mailer that is reused. Just remove/cover up any shipping labels and pop on some tape to seal it up. You just saved yourself the cost of a new bag and gave this one a second life. Score!

        2. If your mailed has come to the end of its lifespan and you are ready to compost you will need to remove any shipping stickers and tape from your package but that’s it! If you have a compost bin or heap at home, just pop the bag in alongside your scraps. It will take about 180 days to totally break down into soil. 

        3. If you haven’t started composting at home yet, you can find plenty of places around the neighbourhood to drop your mailer bag. Ask a neighbour or find a community garden!

        4. You can throw it in the bin and it will eventually decompose. To compost you need all the good stuff like heat, oxygen, moisture and bacteria that just isn’t present in landfill.

          No scrap left behind:

            The clothing industry is infamous for overconsumption and waste, as a brand we noticed that we could decrease the amount of waste in our studio by using all offcuts to make our masks!

              Take care:

                Our team put a lot of thought into the care labels on each garment, they are there to make sure you know how to look after your Me&B pieces and preserve each item. The better we look after our clothing, the longer these pieces last and the less you’ll need to buy in the future.


                    As you’ll see on our website, we have opted to offer pre-order for certain items. This was a tactical choice as it means that there will be no overproduction, each item we manufacture is going straight to a customer and not sitting around with nowhere to go.

                      In store alterations:

                        We want your Me&B pieces to be with you forever, one of the ways we help you do this is to offer free alterations in studio. By offering this service, we not only make sure that your item fits you like a dream but we also ensure that if wear and tear does occur on your outfit, you won’t need to get rid of the piece!



                        We’re always open to suggestions on how we can make our process kinder to the planet, so if you have any suggestions we would love to hear them - send an email to Cait at caitlin@meandb.co.za

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