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Inspiration behind the Me&nt to B collection
Our office space is directly connected to our sample room and warehouse, which means we’re constantly seeing the waste that is created throughout the production process. This could be anything from left-over stock, scrap fabric to reject garments that are not viable to sell. Seeing this on the daily got the team thinking about what we could do to improve our waste while still providing our customers with garments that are on trend, size inclusive and will become staple pieces in their wardrobes for years to come!
Our first Me&nt to B collection is largely focused on The Anglaise Dress, a garment that we loved SO much we made it in three colourways. We were confident that this dress would be a winner so produced too much stock for the season. The team had a brainstorming session on how to repurpose the leftover stock, it went from altering the garments elastic back to eventually repurposing the garment into a tee and skirt set! We’ve taken this same approach to a few other styles from our previous seasons like updating a button or adding an embroidery detail or updating the silhouette slightly. Keep an eye out because this is just the start of our circular fashion initiative, we are currently looking into subscriptions models and reselling plans to take this concept one step further
The collection and Me&B’s long-term sustainability goals
We’re not oblivious to the fact that the clothing industry is inherently unsustainable, but Me&nt to B has allowed us to include another step in our process that limits our overall wastage. We understand we have a responsibility to the planet and this is the least we can do. Every step of our process, from the design of garments to the packaging is a check point where we can ensure that we’re ticking one of the four R’s from the circular fashion concept: reduce, reuse, recycle, or remove.

Another one of our favourite aspects of the Me&nt to B range is the connection it has to the local communities, as all of our Me&nt to B garments are redesigned and altered either in house or at one of our local CMTs. This ensures that even when we’re mid-season and the factories are typically without work, we can keep our factories busy and thriving.

We’re feeling really optimistic about this new venture and are excited to see where it takes us!