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Tie-Dye Trend for SS19/20

Tie-Dye Trend for SS19/20

Few trends evoke the spirit of free love and social liberation quite like tie dye. The psychedelic print is remembered from the movement of the 1960’s- rock music, the sexual revolution and bohemianism. Now it is set to be one of the hottest trends for summer .

Tie dye gives the feeling of escapism and cool vibes.
Sophisticated fabrics and structured silhouettes have helped tie-dye move away from its reputation as a garment reserved for festivals. Tie-dye as a dying method goes hand in hand with the rise in the demand for sustainable fashion. Each garment will have its own look, making it unique, as it is all done by hand .

To wear this look without looking like you are heading to a festival, we suggest to taking the approach of less is more. Don’t go full on multi colored tie-dye but choose a single colour or tonal look. Also trending along the same line as
tie-dye is subtle ombré effects . This trend is not going away for another summer season SS20 so invest in some beautiful pieces now.


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