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Unveiling the Perfect Women's Swimwear for Every Body Shape: Discover the Ultimate Guide by Me&B

Unveiling the Perfect Women's Swimwear for Every Body Shape: Discover the Ultimate Guide by Me&B

Every Body is a Summer Body! 


As summer approaches so does the dreaded rush to attain that summer body. Or so you thought.


At Me&B we truly believe that every body is a summer body.


At Me & B, we celebrate the uniqueness of every woman's body and believe that everyone should feel beautiful in their swimwear. Swimwear should not only looks fabulous but also makes you feel comfortable and confident, the trick to this is knowing your body shape. So, let's dive into the world of women's swimwear and discover how you can find the best fit for your body shape.


Pear-shaped Body

For women with pear-shaped bodies, the key is to balance your proportions by drawing attention to your upper body. Opt for swimwear with bright colours, bold prints, or embellishments on the top, and pair it with a darker bottom to create an hourglass effect. 


Apple-shaped Body

If you have an apple-shaped body, focus on highlighting your legs and waistline. Choose swimwear with high-cut bottoms, shirred waistbands, or wrap-style tops to create a slimming effect. Tankinis, one-piece swimsuits with side cut-outs, and peplum styles can also be flattering options.


Hourglass-shaped Body

With an hourglass shape, your goal is to accentuate your curves. Look for swimwear that provides support for your bust and highlights your waist. Consider bikinis with underwire, one-pieces with waist-defining belts, or vintage-inspired high-waisted bottoms. 


Inverted Triangle Body

For inverted triangle body shapes, aim to emphasise your lower body and balance your broader shoulders. Opt for women's swimwear with ruffled or frilled bottoms, side-tie details, or bold prints to draw attention to your hips. 


Rectangle-shaped Body

If you have a rectangle-shaped body, focus on creating the illusion of curves. Look for swimwear with ruffles, frills, or other details to add volume to your bust and hips. Plunging necklines, halter tops, and triangle bikinis can also help create a curvier silhouette. 


Remember, the most important factor when choosing women's swimwear is how confident and comfortable you feel wearing it. At Me & B, we offer a wide range of styles and sizes to suit every body shape. So, get ready to make a splash this summer and find your perfect swimwear at Me & B. Happy shopping!
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Finding the Right Corset in South Africa for You: What to Look For

Finding the Right Corset in South Africa for You: What to Look For

The corset has been given a new image as a modern and rebellious symbol of sexual confidence. It's now popular among many Gen Z consumers who learn about fashion trends from the social media app TikTok. The corset is no longer just a historical garment but has become an iconic fashion item.


If you plan to buy corset tops in South Africa, it's crucial to ensure that the garment fits your body well. Otherwise, it may look unflattering and might even be too uncomfortable to wear. Before purchasing a corset, there are several factors you should consider:


  • Quality construction - Quality is key when it comes to purchasing corset tops in South Africa, as quality materials make all the difference between a top-notch garment and one of inferior quality. Look for options that are made from breathable fabrics and shop only from the best suppliers. This way, you can be sure your corset will last for years.


  • Fit - One of the most important aspects of choosing a corset is ensuring it fits well. A poorly fitting garment may cause irritation and won't look as stylish as expected. Always have your correct measurements on hand so you can select the right size for your body type.


  • Preferred style - Corsets have come a long way and are available in various styles these days. Linen corset tops with sweetheart necklines are particularly popular and look great with matching cropped pants.


These are just a few of the factors to consider when shopping for corset tops in South Africa. Here at Me&B, we strive to make sure you find the perfect fit for your body and offer a wide selection of styles, so you can be confident that you will look stunning in your corset top. Shop with us today for guaranteed quality and satisfaction.

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The Best Knitwear for Women - Me&B Top Picks

The Best Knitwear for Women - Me&B Top Picks

The colder months may be a reason to bundle up and wear layers of clothing, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your style for warmth and comfort. We have picked the best knitwear for women to get you excited about sweater season. From turtlenecks to cardigans, you have plenty of options to consider when dressing for cold weather.

All about you

Our wide range of knitwear means you really get to choose what resonates with you! Whether you’re into a casually cool cardigan in a fun print or a more toned down jumper in a neutral tone - we’ve got options! 

It’s all in the fabric!

Don’t compromise when it comes to fabric and feel. Knitwear should be soft to the touch and easy to wear. So, make sure you are buying knitwear made of high-quality fabrics.

Bold is better

Cold weather might make your surroundings look and feel dreary, but you don’t have to match your environment. Check out knitwear for women in bright, bold colours and patterns that are guaranteed to brighten your days.

Have fun

Knitwear if the perfect way to add some serious fun to your Winter wardrobe. Look to our collection of bold and bright knitwear to fill your cupboard with some serious joy. Guaranteed to go well with anything, from your favourite jeans to skirts. 

Comfort is key

The most important thing about choosing knitwear is knowing what’s comfortable for you to wear! So, find something that works best for you and makes you feel like your best self.


Stock up on the best knitwear for women.

The most important thing about choosing knitwear is knowing what’s comfortable for you to wear! At Me&B, you’ll find the best knitwear for women in a wide range of styles, designs, and colours. There’s surely something for you here! And we think you’ll be happy to know that our creations are sustainable as part of our commitment to making a difference in fashion.
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