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Client Testimonials

My package arrived yesterday and I’ve been so scared to try the pants cos I weigh the most I’ve ever weighed in my life and nothing fits. They fit so beautifully and the fabric is so gorgeous. At least I can feel good about myself while I am on the journey of figuring out how to make my body feel like mine again. Thank you❤️”

-E squared

Hi there. I am a new customer, just got my order today, and I have to tell you that I am mind blown by the quality and the fit of your clothing. The fabrics are wonderful and the fit is so perfect. I never ever have an order where everything fits - I am always sending things back. But your sizing is spot on and consistent across styles. I love how you have taken classic styles and added a trendy twist. Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks for the awesome clothes.”

-Tracey Townshend

I received my first ever M&B order yesterday (after eyeing your lines on Instagram for
aaaages) and it is so wonderful that I nearly teared up when I tried on the garments for
the first time.

As a shorter, curvy woman, I’d kind of given up hope that anyone would make clothes
that would fit, not make me feel like a frumpy duck, and that I would love. The Milk
Bellow Top and Cornelli Jumper that I bought blew me away.

Thank you for making me feel seen, for making clothes for actual women and your
creative brilliance in making such awesome stuff. And your sizing is brilliant.

I can’t wait to make my next order soon.”


I just wanted to tell you guys that I bought my mom one of your dresses for Christmas. She has
struggled with her self-esteem for a long time and never puts herself first - rarely getting
herself nice clothes or feeling confident. She tried on the dress and sent selfies to my dad and
myself of her twirling around and smiling. The first time she has ever done that. She said she
feels beautiful. Thank you for making clothes that make women feel beautiful.

-Gina Beyers

Hey🌸I received my floral kimono this morning after ordering it yesterday
afternoon. It's the most stunning thing I’ve seen in ages! You now have a repeat
customer! Thank you.


Hi there - I received an order form you yesterday - your white puff sleeve dress and fun black
pants with the white patterns. I am IN LOVE! They are both so so comfortable and I just can’t
wait to wear them. So nice and airy for summer. I was so pleasantly surprised that they both
fitted so well.


Just wanted to say that your brand is amazing and your garments are so beautiful.
Thank you for making clothes for, and celebrating, women of all shapes and sizes!!”


I just received my woman’s day t-shirt and 2 tracksuit pants today and I am in love !!
Perfect fit, amazing soft material...thank you, thank you ! Can’t wait to place my next
order !”


I received my pants that I ordered from you and I just have to say Wow!!!! I have been
looking for high waisted formal trousers for ages and I am thrilled with both the pairs
of pants that I bought. I’m also in love with the tracksuit pants that I ordered
previously. You make quality clothing! Thank you!”

- Nora Nameka-Doherty

Thanks to ALL the amazing ladies at Me&B for the awesome assistance and care this
morning. That’s what I call good customer service. #supportlocalbusiness”

-Gail Adams

Hi there, I ordered the melange cashmere feel pants and bellow sleeve, cowl neck
lounge track top in both black. I received them this morning and just want to commend
you on a beautiful, beautiful product. The quality is outstanding and I love the feel of
the fabric. Thank you. Lol Ella”

-Ella Coppola

I LOVE clothes! I used to just love having tons of clothes! After turning 30, my
philosophy on buying clothes is unique styles, patterns, good quality and to buy them
from small local businesses as much as possible. Here is a brand that I really really love
@Me_and_b. I love the quality of the clothes and the uniqueness of the fabrics. A plus
for me is to be able to see the clothes on a clear and well put together website. Have a
look at their page, for an exploitation of beauty for your eyes.”


I just wanted to say that I have bought a few things from you know. Your service is
excellent, your quality outstanding, your prices are doable and I love the wearability
and originality of your pieces. I hope you continue to thrive.”


Congratulations on the beautiful range of clothes. Your evolution in the last season or 2
has been exceptionally exciting to watch as an outsider. Beautiful work. And a
wonderful way to highlight the diversity of the women in our beautiful country. Not
just size but colour and shape. Thank you for fighting for us all in such a special way.”


I just wanted to write to you and thank you SO VERY MUCH for the alternation you did
for me on the carmel and black wide-leg pants

The camel set arrived today, and it’s so perfect. Thank you for sending it to me. I cannot
thank you enough!

It was lovely getting a glimpse into your studio. Keep creating the beautiful,
well-thought out clothes that you do!”

-Storme Conradie

I love your clothes!!!!! My husband wants to block my Instagram so I can't see the new
clothes hahaha. I also wanted to say I got compliments on the skirt today in town. I had
a jersey on so the top was ‘n bit covered but as soon as I got a compliment I showed them
the soft black top and they all loved it too. Happy weekend!”

-Bianca Forbes


I just wanted to let you know I received both my orders and everything fits perfectly!
Absolutely LOVE IT! Thank you!”

-J’Mari Kloppers

This is a rather delayed email that I’ve been meaning to send for a while. I just wanted
to let you know that I received my order of Me&B clothing awhile ago and I am
absolutely over the moon! The patterns really are beautiful and every item fits
perfectly. During this lockdown life, the arrival of my Me&B package really lifted my
mood and my winter wardrobe now looks 100 times better :) Thanks so much and keep
up the great designs!”


Got my set yesterday, and possibly the best two pieces of clothing I have ever
purchased!!!!!! Never taking them off. Love you guys, love your brand.”

-Jenna Tindall

I am so impressed with your online service and delivery. I accidentally saw a picture of
a dress someone shared. Went into your website (you have beautiful clothes) and placed
an order. Wow, I am impressed with the service!! I will be one of your big supporters in
the future.”


Hi! I just received my track pants and I wanted to let you know how much I love them!
Also love that they arrived earlier than expected... The quality and the detail is just
beautiful and they fit so well. It’s the first time I’ve bought something from you and it
won’t be the last:) Thank you so much, keep doing what you do! And hope you’re stauing
safe and well xx.”


Absolutely beyond obsessed. Going to order the jumpsuit today!! Can’t wait for your
new stuff. 34 fits perfectly. Thank you for your response and for helping me. I
absolutely love love it!!”

-Tayla Deare

I just want to say I LOVE my top! The quality, the style, everything is so amazing! The
packaging as well! And the service! The list actually goes on! Love and cannot wait for
my next order!