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Me and B. Coat. Jacket. Women. Black leather coat. Fur coat. Black fur coat. Black leather fur coat. Black winter jacket. Local Cape Town
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Me and B. Skirt. Women. Chartreuse pencil skirt. Yellow body con skirt. Knitwear skirt. Winter skirt. Local brand. South Africa.
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Me and B. Jacket. Coat. Women. Fur coat. White fur coat. Leather jacket. White leather jacket. White leather jacket with fur. White winter coat. Local fashion South Africa.
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Me and B. Dress. Women. Polo neck dress. Long sleeve winter dress. Chartreuse knitwear dress. Yellow dress. Yellow knitwear. Locally made South Africa

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Me & B. Dress. Women. Black bodycon dress. Long sleeve black dress. Black dress. Winter body con dress. Sustainable fashion. Locally made South Africa.

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Me and B. Shirts. Women. Yellow knitwear shirt. Yellow jersey. Chartreuse boat neck top. Chartreuse jumper. Proudly South African.

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Me and B. Jersey. Knitwear. Black and white stripe jersey. Winter jersey. Striped jersey. Winter jumper. Locally made. South Africa. knitwear

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Me & B. Knitwear. Jersey. Jumper. Cardigan. Women. Black and white cardigan. white and black cardigan. Patterned cardigan. Local fashion. Winter essential.
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