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BREAK-AWAY: Behind our new collection

BREAK-AWAY: Behind our new collection

We don't know about you but Cape Town, and South Africa, is starting to feel 'normal' again. Walking the streets and hearing accents from far away places, seeing the potential to get away from here, even if it's for a short getaway has us BURSTING with excitement.

This new collection mimicks this excitement to break-away from the bustle of 2021. While we're staying true to our FUN roots, we are loving the more toned down naturals and neutrals that are carried throughout our Break-Away Collection.

As a brand, we've really pushed ourselves with this collection. As always, crafting our own gorgeous prints but this time we figured that stopping at clothing wasn't going to cut it anymore. We are SO proud of our newest additions to the Me&B brand - our full costumes, bikinis and our beach coverups. Each piece fitting into our range like a puzzle!


Major themes in The Break-Away Collection


Nothing but natural!

This year has been such a whirlwind for us all, so we're so excited to have some toned down naturals coming your way. From stone to milk, cotton to linen - this range is all about embracing all things natural!


How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful!

If you know the Me&B brand, you know that we are not shy of big, bold and bright - in fact, we THRIVE on it. While this collection is aimed at bringing the year to a close with calmness, we couldn't let this season go by without adding in the signature Me&B pop of fun. Our Sky Blue and Cobalt combination is a sure fire favourite in the office, and we are certain you'll love it just the same!


Mix and Match

This collection is made to be worn together, and in as many ways as possible. The team worked so hard to ensure that each piece has a counterpart - be it a Kimono, Bikini or a matching set!


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