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A moment for the 70s queens

A moment for the 70s queens

While we are still clinging to the warmth that Summer 2021/22 brought us, we’re eagerly looking towards what Winter 2022 has to offer. Our office has been a buzz with all the Winter garments flowing through the various production processes. 

One of our biggest inspirations this Winter lies in one of the grooviest decades out there, the 70s! The decade was categorized by counterculture, wavy prints and societal rebellion - the clothes followed the nature of the society. 

Some 70s films and series we watched to get some inspo!

  • The Serpent, a series about a 70s conman and his main gal committing terrible crimes in fabulous outfits
  • That 70s Show: a series following a bunch of American teenagers - we mainly followed for the outfits, not so much the plot but you get the idea. 
  • Mahogany - the movie with Diana Ross, the movie with the best flared sleeves we’ve ever seen
  • Annie Hall - a more masculine approach to the 70s fit

How to nail the 70s trend:

  • Larger than life glasses
  • The Farrah Fawcett Waves
  • Wide Leg, Flared pants
  • Actually just flared everything 
  • Silk scarves 
  • Clogs
  • Fun, bold knitwear

Overall, the trend is all about self expression and fun. Two things that we love as a brand and are adamant to put throughout all our ranges. If the full 70s look feels like a lot, it’s okay to rock it in a way that makes you feel comforfortable. 

Tag us in all your 70s inspo!

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